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Update (it's about time!)

*Started smoking again. I hate it. It's been over two years. I don't smoke cigarettes, either. I have to smoke the $5/pk Djarums (cloves)....

*Got my learners permit so I am finally learning to drive. I'm pretty good at it now, but there's a couple things I need practice with (over steering, parallel parking, getting up to speed faster when merging into traffic...)

*Hubby put in two weeks notice at his job today. They've been screwing with him for three years, and he is actually getting physically ill now whenever someone says "We have a meeting..." So, come mid-Nov, no income. We have enough in savings and stock to survive until February, or so. Slim Christmas, but it's better than him ending up in a hospital.

*Befriended a schizophrenic. Her name is Marlena, and she's seriously troubled (you thought I was kidding with the schizo remark!), but she has decided that I, and recently Laura, are the only people in the wold that she can trust,a nd that can help her. She lives in a type of halfway house for mentally ill (I think...don't quite understand what it is), and is very very poor, so we feed her, and talk to her like a real person (which is increasingly difficult, as she tries to show us "the chimeras on the windows"...). I like it, though. I like that I am able to help her, though I haven't done much, yet.

That's about it. I've been sewing a ton lately, reopening my diaper biz in January. I made 12 diapers today, and got them up on auction, so that we can afford to get some groceries. We have the final payment on my Accord due on Nov. 15th ($1600), and rent on the 1st ($1450). Not to mention I haven't paid the phone or electricity ($430, combined). That's a lot of frickin' diapers, man.......;o)
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