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Moons of Jupiter

65 and counting.....

18 December 1980
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I'm a little punk rock, and a little Martha Stewart.
I married my best friend in July '07. My husband is in the U.S. Army, and we are a very patriotic family. We have two children; my son is in 3rd grade, my daughter is in 1st grade.
It seems I'm always in the car; I love to drive.
I live in the Bay Area, California, but I drive to Oregon to go camping every summer.
I am Christian, though probably the most tolerant person you'll ever meet. I'm acutely aware that I am the last person that should judge anyone else. My husband is a heathen atheist ;) lol
I have a very sick and twisted sense of humor; it is near-impossible to offend me.
My desk is only for art & crafts; I love the freedom my Powerbook offers me.
It seems that after 10 years, I have finally kicked the cigarette habit to the curb. I had my last cigarette on Feb 27th, 2009.
We live in a very liberal area, and have actually been physically assaulted upon admittance that my hubby is in the Army. More than once. I am bitter, and jaded towards hippies, and bleeding hearts. This area we live in is so hypocritical, they will actually kick your ribs in while scolding you for harming others. It's sad; I know so many lovely hippies....but, I just can't handle the stupidity of this particular Californian breed ~.^
I'm in love with military history, from Rome to Vietnam, but especially the Civil War.
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