Kyla (space_angel) wrote,

OMG How Long?

I don't think I've updated this damn thing in years!

OK, fast forward:

-Bad divorce.  Lost my kids.  Wound up living in Georgia.
-Remarried.  Rebound.  Lasted about a year.
-Unhappy marriage = alcohol addiction.  I managed it.  I'm good now (but I still drink, just not in excess).
-Met a soldier in GA.  Fell in love.  Got engaged.
-Got pregnant.  Lost the baby at 9 weeks to ectopic pregnancy.  I had emergency surgery, lost a ton of blood, and almost died.
-Army moved us to Santa Cruz, CA.
-Patched up a decent friendship with the 1st ex-husband.  I see my kids a lot now ^.^
-I'm getting married in April, but not actually having the wedding until July 4th.

Caught up?

I love living on the beach.  I love having my kids back.  I love my Army boy more than I ever imagined I could love anyone.  I'm doing fucking outstanding ^.^

I jumped on that whole tshirt surgery bandwagon.  I learned to knit (thanks, Mom!).  I'm still sewing (I have three different machines now!).  I have so much fabric, and precut pieces from my diaper business...I'm thinking of starting that back up again, when I fianlly get settled into my new apartment.  I play a lot of video games, and I have a very small, but very awesome, group of friends.

My kids just had their bdays; Isaac is 7, and Ash is 5!  Isaac is brilliant, having just tested at 4th grade levels for math, and 2nd grade levels for reading (he's in the 1st grade now).  Ash is teh artist.  She paints, and draws constantly.  it's all she wants to do!  Isaac wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.  Ash wants to be an ice cream truck driver, "to make all the kids in the whole world happy!"  ^.^

That's about it =]
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