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Yeah, I'm still alive....

Hubby got a really rockin' job as a "legal hacker". His company is really neat. Basically, big corporations, like INtel, Microcrack, Citi Group, etc. pay them to hack into their systems, find the security holes, and whatnot. We moved to be closer to this new job, and so we're in southern Orange County (closer to San Diego now). Our new city is so cool; we have BUNNIES in the backyard, a huge nice park with a playground right across the street, and the school system is one of the top ten in the country (not that any of my kids are in school yet, but, for later, that will really really cool ;o). Anyway, I'm really digging it.

I have stopped sewing for money. Closed my biz down, and I've been focusing more and more on jewelry. I enjoy it more, and it's better fitted to my time. I can get a lot more jewelry done in half hour than sewing. And even though I am not into jewelry for the money, it makes me a lot more than sewing. I made $60 of of a couple pairs of earrings, where I would have had to sell at least twice as many diapers to make that (ironically, it was a cloth diapering mom that bought those earrings from me; she wasn't into my diapers, but loved my jewelry ;o)

We're potty training around here. I feel like a total loser for thinking/doing this, but I'm getting really embarrassed that my FOUR year old was still in diapers. So, I pulled out all the tricks, and he's pretty much trained now. He's had a couple accidents while we were out, and couldn't find a bathroom fast enough. But he doesn't wet the bed at night, so I think he's doing pretty well (we just started five days ago). My two year old isn't doing as well; on day 1, she did really really well, but since then, the novelty has worn off, and I've spent a lot of time cleaning piss outta the carpet :-\ But now she tells me every time she goes, and today, she's made it to the potty every time. I still have her in diapers when we go out, though.

So, that's about it. We're all doing really well. I'm spending a lot less time on the comp, and a lot more time cleaning around the new place (determined to not let it get out of hand, like our last place). We're not all unpacked yet, because we still don't have a dresser for our clothes, and we need some sort of cabinet thing for all of hubby's office crap (WHY does he need all that crap??). I am getting rid of roughly two thirds of my fabric (selling it, hopefully!). Our new place is 200sq.ft smaller than the last one, with almost no storage. We do, however, have a full size washer & dryer in our apartment =D A happier me, you couldn't find ;o)
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