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bored, tired


got my driver's lisence (barely). Been running myself ragged all over town. I've been to Target four times in teh past three days (Christmas, and all). But I only have one more gift to get (a bottle of wine, for Peter, Laura's DH), and then I am done done DONE with shopping!!

It's getting rough around here with DH being out of work. it's been a month now, and I've been working my tailfeathers off selling things to make money. I've made a lot in the past two weeks. About $500, I think? Well, maybe doesn't seem like much, considering that's only a third of my rent, but it's PLENTY when we're living on hot dogs and peanut butter;o)

I'm gearing up to re-open my diaper business, and I'm starting to sell a lot of jewelry. Optimally, I will be able to make ENOUGH money with either, without getting burnt out on either. (did that make sense??).

one more, for good measure:

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