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Oh, man, is my life boring

I love to drive, I want to drive everywhere! You know what sucks, though? I still have to get one last freakin' ride to the DMV to get my license. Grr

Haven't seen Marlena lately. I'm a little concerned; it's not like her to miss church. But, I don't really have any way to contact her, so I'll just wait and pray, I guess.

The pastor's wife (Shannon) asked met oday to make some clothes for their daughter, Kaylee. It's pretty neat, I like making kid clothes (Kaylee just turned 2). Kaylee was wearing a Painting Red Rhinos dress today (it was hand-me-down, SHannon had no clue how expensive PRR really is;o). I saw her from across the street through the window, and I yelled out "I have that fabric!!" Heh. BUt, I was alittle disappointed when I realized that, out of all the PRR I have, that was one of the fabrics I was out of! (the print was Ribbons, if anyone has stuck around through this boring ass dribble long enough to care!)

Alrighty, I am bracingm yself for a looong night. Ash didn't nap today, fell asleep on the way home (about 9-ish), and then WOKE UP at 11pm, bright & chipper. She usually naps for two hours, then is awake for six hours, so I'm lookin' at a bedtime of 4am now. Grr (again!)
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