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First Day of School

Isaac had his first day of preschool today. He loved it, of course, but I am still not very impressed.

The woman that runs it is an older Chinese woman, that has been here since 1980, and running that preschool since 1984. She still doesn't understand the language very well, and it's really hard to understand her, most of the time. Laura picked him up, and she thought that it was weird that they just sent him off with nothing but the shirt on his back, so she went back, and asked to be sure there wasn't a diaper bag, or a backpack, or something he came with. The woman told her no, he didn't come with anything. Well, this makes me question her ability to watch 15 children (with one other teacher), since he came with a bag with a change of clothes, pillow, blanket, diapers, wipes, and he also brought his lunchbox, and his sippycup (because he was too excited to eat breakfast, so I sent him with a cup of Green Machine). The pillow and diapers were the only thing he was supposed to leave there. Now I have to send him to school with a brown paper bag on Thursday. Hopefully they have the brains to WASH his lunchbox, or at least the dishes in it, so that I don't have a nasty smelly mess on Thursday, but somehow, I seriously doubt it.

*sigh* It's so disappointing, too, because this is the ONLY school that will take him, as he is older than 2, and not potty trained. I even had his pediatrician make a note that he is not potty trained per HER instructions, but the other preschools don't accept medical reason as good enough to give a child a head start on education.

Isaac loves it, but I wonder if they are really competent to handle an emergency, or a serious problem. If it were just a matter of me not being 100% pleased with the schooling, or something, it would be fine. He's just there to gain social skills, and to help his language developement. But, I don't want to overlook an inability to take CARE of my child. Absentmindedness can be a minor inconvienience, or it can mean the difference between life and death. I shudder to think of the trouble a kid with ALLERGIES could get into at a school like that.

Maybe it's just 'cause he's new. Maybe they'll get to know him and us better.
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