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I'm still alive

We are having health code inspections in our apartments this month, so I have to be meticulously clean (which is NOT easy for me, even without two kids). I've got a thousand orders (ok, only 6, but most are for 6 or more diapers!), and I am helping Laura with hers, because she has over 100 diapers to get done by Monday, when she will be leaving for vacation for 2 weeks.

I've been going to a lot of social gatherings; twice a week I play cards with Pete & Laura, Fridays I meet for lunch with the new female pastor from the Vineyard, Tuesdays I have a class, Sundays=church, etc etc.....I don't know how I do it! ;o)

But, I found a preschool that will accept Isaac (we had problems, because he is over 3yrs, but not potty trained). AND, it's only about $300/mo, vs. the $680 that most preschools run here. UNfortunately, ISaac's immunization record was lost when our luggage was randomly inspected at the airport last year. I am hoping my ped has the info, but since Isaac has switched peds four times in his life, it may be a long shot. And the ped is on vacation; I am praying he comes back soon, because I had to put a $50 non-refundable deposit down at the school to hold Isaac's spot:-/

That's about it. I did take a break today to take the kids outside for a while. Poor things have just been dragged around to all these boring grown-up places;o) Isaac went out and rode his bike for a while (he's getting so good at it!), and then we went swimming. The heater in our pool is broken (again), so we only stayed down for about half hour, before we shivered our ways back inside;o)

And I have this wretched hairy-man-image burned into my mind now (THANKS!) ;o)

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