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I feel way too fucking old to be 22.

Saturday night we went to Laura's, and had a little party, with some drinking, and some neato games (played digital Scatergories, and Catch Phrase; I kick ass at both!). Stayed up WAAAY too late, drank WAAAY too much (remember when that wasn't possible??). So, I woke up Sunday with a monster headache, feeling like I'd had no rest, but I was content, 'cause I'd had fun.

I get the call exactly 7 minutes after I rolled out of bed (at noon), from Laura: "Hey, I'm on my way to pick you up. Be there in ten!" HUH?! Oh, yeah, I forgot we had plans to go out to lunch with Katie and her new boy....I managed to get some pants on by the time Laura got here. Then, lunch was totally uncomfortable, because when we had made the plans, Katie said she wanted to have Steve & Peter come, too, and it would be, like, a couples thing. But, Laura didn't empty out the truck, because SHE was tired and hungover, and said, "Sorry, there's no room for Steve, but doesn't he have some work to do, anyway?" Huh. So, yeah, 5th wheel, and all that. That, and I ended up forking out $15 for a $30 meal that was split between 5 people (& two babies).

Laura dropped me off at 3pm, I sat down, and realized that I had a couple orders that needed to be shipped out. Screwed one up, so had to remake it, but my machines weren't cooperating. But, I was ok; I was relaxed. I'd gone out of the house, been social for the day, no pressure, right?

5pm, Laura calls: "Hey, I'm leaving now; be there in fifteen."


OH YEAH, it's SUNDAY. That means church. Well, I would have just blown it off, but, honestly, I have blown off service for the past 6 WEEKS. I've been going to class at the church, but not actually going to service.

So, I scrambled, got the kids dressed, got me all presentable, and I went to church. Halfway through, I went to check on Laura (who was on child-care duty), and Seth was really sick. High fever, sick baby all over. Luckily, I still had some baby Tylenol in my purse from when Ash was sick last week.

I guess there was purpose in my going, after all.

Got home at about 11pm, and I was SO tired, I couldn't think. I just sat on the computer, spending money I shouldn't ($300 last night8-O), and pretending I was going to get up and do something constructive. When I finally made it to my room, I tossed and turned until 5am. Ash woke me at 6, Isaac up by 7.....and that's about where I am now....

I've been sitting staring at the walls................................and I still have two orders I need to finish:-S
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